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Powder Coating and Metal Finishing Masking
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Masking can be undertaken to customer specification as detailed below.

Powder Coating

Tape Masking:

Regular masking is achieved with masking tape. We use specialist thin tape that offers excellent line definition, easy removal and because rolls can be applied upto 1m wide offer excellent continuity around complex curved contours.

High Temperature Tape Masking:

High temperature tapes use synthetic rubber resin adhesives which means they can withstand oven temperatures upto 160°C making them suitable for powder coating, stove enamelling and force dry applications.

Caps & Plugs:

Caps are available for masking threaded components both with or without flanges and are ideal for preserving threaded studs, tube ends and earthing points. Plugs are ideal for threaded and non-threaded through holes.

Cords Sheets & Tubing:

For specialist features such as slots, grooves & irregular shapes such as o-ring grooves, cord is used whilst tube can be applied for long studs, pins & tubing where caps are too short. For large production runs where masked coating is required reusable sheeting can be applied which allow for consistent repeatability between items. Very thin sheet (2.5µm) is also available for internal surface areas including bores and cylinders.

Duel Finishing:

We undertake duel finishing for specialist applications that require more than one type of coating on any particular surface area such as stripes or internal/external surface areas.


If you are at the design stage of a project and intend to undertake potentially complex masking or duel finishing please feel free to call and we'd be happy discuss your requirements. It is often better to design a component for ease of a masked finish rather than increasing cost with expensive masking operations.

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