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ISO 9001 Accreditation


Quality is important to us at every level. Each section below details the areas that we focus on in order to achieve the highest possible level of service.

Powder Coating

ISO 9001:

As an ISO 9001 quality assured company each of our business processes is documented in order to ensure consistency and to facilitate performance improvements, As well as process management the system also allows us to highlight areas for development and improvement which ensures that the service that we are able to offer our customers is continually improving.

Production Management:

Production management is handled through our Pegasus MRP system which is fully windows compatible and connected across a VPN to head office and includes extra modules such as materials and stock. This means that we are able to efficiently schedule work and advise on the status of orders in real time.

Paint Standards:

We undertake work in accordance with a range of prescribed standards including British Standards as well as defence standards such as MilSpec's and DEFStans.


Inspection is one of the most critical aspects of quality control. All items undergo visual inspection for paint spots, bubbles and other marks & blemishes. We also have a range of instruments for checking gloss levels and paint thickness.

Highly Skilled Staff:

Our most valuable asset are our highly skilled staff. We take the time to employ the best and ensure that adequate training takes place. Our highly skilled staff help to reduce production issues by understanding the processes and applying a proactive approach to problem solving on the job.

Plant & Materials:

By investing in the best plant and materials we can guarantee consistency, repeatability and quality. Preventative maintenance on spray plant and equipment means that our staff always have the most suitable tools to carry out their task and the use of the best paints and powders on the market means that quality will always be of the highest standard.

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