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Stove Enamelling
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Stove Enamelling

Stove Enamelling can be undertaken on items upto 1676mm x 1219mm x 1158mm and 100kg in a range of colours and textures. Our paint is sourced through either Trimite or Cromadex.

Powder Coating

Stove Finishes:

We offer a high quality general purpose stoving finish ideal for all industrial, engineering and manufacturing applications. Stoving paints possess the following attributes.

Stoving Primer:

Whilst stove enamelled finishes can be applied as a single coating certain materials or the requirements for higher levels of performance can benefit from a stoving primer. We offer the SAP3 Two Pack Self Etching Primer from Trimite as a standard stoving primer when required because of it high quality and long term durability.

The SAP3 Two Pack Self Etching Primer consists of a zinc tetroxychromate pigmented base and an acid reducer. Its major use is on aluminium but it also has excellent adhesion on steel and other metals ensuring optimum adhesion for the stoving top coat.

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