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Two Pack Finishing
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Two Pack Finishing

We offer a range of two pack metal finishes from Trimite.

Powder Coating

Two Pack Polyurethane Finish B25 :

Specially developed for brush application, this high quality coating has good interior and exterior durability with excellent colour and gloss retention.

Two Pack Epoxy Polyamide Cured Finish A46 :

This durable finish has outstanding chemical resistance and hardness. It has good adhesion over a wide range of substrates when used with recommended primers. It is extensively used on plant and equipment exposed to severe environmental conditions.

Two Pack Polyurethane Acrylic Finish AE320 :

A high performance and versatile two pack polyurethane acrylic finish with outstanding gloss and colour retention.

Developed specifically for finishing commercial vehicles, AE320 Two Pack Polyurethane Acrylic Finish is equally suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, exhibiting good chemical resistance and durability, to provide extended paint life when used in the correct system.

Two Pack Polyurethane High Solids Topcoat Plastilac® B461 :

A two pack polyurethane coating formulated with a higher solids content, in order to reduce the VOC levels in accordance with the guidelines relating to the Environmental Protection Act (EPA)

PG6/23 whilst retaining the properties of conventional isocyanate cured systems. Available in a range of colours and gloss levels with excellent durability and colour retention. Applied conventionally in either smooth or spatter finishes.

Two Pack Polyurethane Trimite Topcoat Plastilac® AE251 (Low Gloss/Spatter Finish):

A high quality, two pack, air drying polyurethane which may be applied to produce a spatter, texture or, applied conventionally, to give a smooth result in a choice of low gloss finishes. It has excellent hardness and resistance to mechanical damage. It also has a high level of resistance to water and a wide variety of chemicals, good chemical resistance and minimises unwanted light reflection.

Ideal for:

Glass Spraying:

We offer a glass coating service using either Cromadex 800 or Trimites AE245 wet sprays.

The Cromadex 800 is a Two Pack Non-Isocyanate Acrylic Topcoat which is chemically resistant and part of the Extra Life system.

Trimites Plastilac® AE245 Two Pack Polyurethane Topcoat is a two pack acrylic polyurethane coating with excellent colour and gloss retention.

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